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Earth Day Sale!

Join us in a snack revolution this Earth Day. Vegans and non-vegans, let's snack for a better planet! Our eco-friendly vegan treats are a delicious step towards a greener world.

🌱 Use code: EARTHDAY24 for 15% off on your vegan green treats!

Taste the goodness. Make a difference.

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Finally! It's Time For Family Reunions!

Check out and see what are the popular options that you may try out during family reunions and parties!
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Gourmet Rebels_love cocoa_chocolate bar_healthy snacks

Luxury Chocolate Gifts - Love Cocoa - By James Cadbury – now available in HK

Handmade with love using ethically sourced chocolate from Love Cocoa. planting a tree for every bar sold. 
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No Nonsense Nutrition - Eva Bold

No Nonsense Nutrition - Eva Bold

Alison and Victoria founded Eva Bold to create low-carb snacks and expand globally.

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Optimal Health Through Collaboration: Gourmet Rebels and a Skilled Dietitian in Partnership

"Functional nutrition is a dynamic and innovative approach to nourishing the body that goes beyond the traditional focus on simply meeting basic nutritional needs. As a dietitian in Hong Kong, I am excited to share the remarkable benefits that functional nutrition can offer in promoting overall well-being and vitality. I work directly with Gourmet Rebels in an advisory capacity, helping their experienced buying team make informed choices about the foods and supplements they offer."

Sylvia S.W. Lam

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