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Finally! It's Time For Family Reunions!

Family reunions are a great opportunity to connect with loved ones and a fantastic moment to share the joy together through delicious food. Whether it's a barbeque party or picnic, the food served can be one of the highlights.

When planning a menu for family reunions, it's important to consider a variety of dishes that will appeal to everyone's tastes. There are a lot of receipes but do you know which one suits you and your family the most? Here are some special ones so you may it try next time, surely that could bring the house down!

1. Spaghetti Shakshuka




  1. Preheat your oven to 200C.Cook your pasta as per packet instructions
  2. Whilst it’s bubbling add the sauce & store cupboard bits to a bowl (slice them into 1-2cm pieces), mixing to combine.
  3. Drain & rinse the pasta, toss with the sauce etc & use tongs to create nests.
  4. Crack in your eggs & bake for 15 mins until just set.
  5. Serve with your greens, season with pepper & sprinkle with seeds. 

2. Tuna Salad




  1. Drain the tuna.
  2. Cut the onion and pickles into small cubes. Roughly chop the parsley. Put it in a bowl together with the tuna.
  3. Squeeze out half a lemon and add the juice to the bowl, then mix everything well. 
  4. When all ingredients are combined, finally add the mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper.
  5. Enjoy the tuna salad in whatever combination you like it best!

3. Red Pepper Boats with Avocado and Sardines




  1. Mash the avocado and squeeze a bit of lemon.
  2. Mix it all with a bit of salt and pepper.
  3. Chop the red pepper in half or into more pieces, depending on its size.
  4. Add the avocado mash.
  5. Put the sardine on top and enjoy.