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Luxury Chocolate Gifts - Love Cocoa - By James Cadbury – now available in HK

Handmade with love using ethically sourced chocolate. A plant a tree for every bar sold. Best collection of luxury chocolate bars, truffles, chocolate hampers and gift boxes. Branded options available. Free Personalisable Card. Next Day Delivery. Over 2500 5* Reviews.

Gourmet Rebels is a market leading food and beverage sourcing company, founded by the brains behind Selfridges famous Food Hall. Gourmet Rebels finds interesting brands from around the world and brings them to Hong Kong. Each brand has an interesting story behind it, a clear set of values, and a delicious treat to enjoy.

Today, we interview the founder of Love Cocoa, James Cadbury, and his professional team about the new launch in Hong Kong.

One Bar = One Tree is such a great and thoughtful initiative. How has this partnership started? Were there any remarkable feats your team overcame logistically to make this collaboration possible?

We've planted over 1 million trees to date, a massive feat which all the team are proud of, and there's lots more to come.

gourmet rebels_love cocoa_chocolate_snakcs_gifts

It takes a village to raise a child. I am sure that this One Bar = One Tree is a precious project to your brand, just like a child. Are you partnering with other chocolatiers to push forward this movement? If yes, who are they. If no, would these types of partnerships considered in the future?

No, Love Cocoa is doing this alone. That said, we care about and want to influence the wider chocolate industry – it’ll take en masse action to make chocolate production a fair and ethical industry.

"Slave free, no palm oil, single origin, eco-packaging" - which one of these four do you think your audience / consumers best respond to?

Eco packaging would be the top one as we feel people in the UK are sensitive to plastic overuse. There is also growing awareness of the human cost to food production. As such, all of our values (and raising awareness of the issues behind them) are important to us at Love Cocoa.

What is your process in flavour development? There are several lines of chocolate product, do they share the same process, or do they differ?

We spend a lot of time experimenting between well researched flavour combinations plus newer emerging trends then developing these flavours into our products through a series of sampling in our development kitchen. To get a good depth of flavour in the chocolate couverture itself this is down to the conching time which allows flavour to broaden. We have spent years tweaking our chocolate to get the best possible flavour outcome - then this is used across our range.

Are you exporting to other places in Asia? If not, where else would you consider apart from Hong Kong? If yes, is there a process in selecting which products to export?

Yes, currently in Japan and Singapore. We export our best-selling items that we know our global customers will enjoy.

For deciding on products to export, this depends on the trends that buyers are seeing in their country and what they/we feel will fit. We can curate an order that contains products in demand, and work with the buyer/customer to maximise their sales by trying different products over a range of orders to find out what works well.

What are you most excited about in launching in Hong Kong through Gourmet Rebels and Global Food Consulting?

We're in great company at Gourmet rebels and Global Food Consulting with some leading speciality brands, so we're excited to bring our award-winning chocolate to Hong Kong.

To purchase Love Cocoa, visit here